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 where did Rizal studied during his high school?

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PostSubject: where did Rizal studied during his high school?   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:05 am

Scholastic triumphs at Ateneo de municipal (1872-1877)

Four months afterthe martyrdom of GOMBURZA and with Doña Teodora still in prison, Jose, who hadnot yet celebrated his eleventh birthday, was sent to Manila. He studied in theAteneo de municipal, college under the supervision of the Spanish Jesuits. Itwas formerly the Escuela Pia (charity school) a school for poor boys in Manilawhich was established by the city government in 1859. On June 10 1872,accompanied by Paciano, went to Manila. He took the entrance examination at thecollege of San Juan de Letran. The hero’s father, who wished first Jose tostudy at Letran, changes his mind and decided to send him to Ateneo instead. Atfirst Father Magin Ferrando, the college registrar of Ateneo refused to admitJose. On Rizal first day of class in Ateneo in June 1872 he heard mass. Hisfirst professor was Fr. Jose Bech. During noon recess, Rizal also took privatelessons in Santa Isabel College. During summer of 1873, Rizal went forvacation. His sister Neneng brought him to tanawan. Without telling his fatherhe also went to visit his mother in prison. In course of their conversationRizal interpreted his mother’s dream that she would be released from prison inthree months time. During the second year of Rizal in Ateneo he became more“emperor”. At the end of the school year he had excellent grades in all hissubjects and a gold medal. During his third year, Rizal had excellent marks inall his subjects but himself was not impressed by his scholastic work. From1875-1876 Rizal became an interno in Ateneo during his fourth year. One of hisprofessors was Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez who inspired Rizal to study harderand to write poetry. His last years in ateneo he excelled in all his subjects.Rizal finished his last tear in Ateneo in blaze of glory. He obtains thehighest grades in all subjects---philosophy, physics, biology, chemistry,language, mineralogy, etc. On commencement Day, March 23, 1877, Rizal receivedthe degree of Bachelor of Arts. Poem written by Rizal while in Ateneo: "MiPrimera Inspiracion "(My first inspiration) probably the first poem writtenduring his Ateneo days. This was the poem written for his mother it felicitateshis mother on her birthday. Other poems were written inspired by Fr. Sanchez.He wrote on various topics religion (“Al Niño Jesus”), (A La Virgen Maria”),Education like “Through Education our Mother land Receives Light”, (“TheIntimate Alliance between Religion and Good Education”), childhood memories,and war. Shortly after Rizal graduated he experience his first romance. Thegirl was Segunda Katigbak. He came to know Segunda more intimately during hisweekly visits to La Concordia College. Theirs was indeed “love at first sight”,but it was hopeless since Segunda was already engaged to be married. Afrustrated lover and betrayed by his first love.
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PostSubject: Re: where did Rizal studied during his high school?   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:08 am

thanks for the info
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where did Rizal studied during his high school?
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